cup of coffee

The price of one cup of coffee is one big step in what it takes to change a Recoding Artists life. How so you ask? The price to download your own copy of the song “Walk the red Carpet” written, recorded and produced by REGGIE STORM is about the price of a cup of coffee depending on where you buy it from, and it will change his life if hundreds, or thousands, ten of thousands, or even millions of REGGIE STORM FANS download the song “Walk the red Carpet”, in fact if you take that approach to Your favorite Band and buy them a coffee so to speak, download their song, You will be making a big impact in their lives too. How so does this downloadable music coffee make that much of an impact on the Recording Artists Life? Aside from the fact they will not have to wonder where their next meal is coming from or where to lay their head that night, it also allows them to fulfil their dreams, from planning tours to a town or city near you, or Sessions On The River to perform and record new songs and broadcast live in hd to the world wide web, to building merch for the fans, releasing new songs, to fuel, transportation, lodging and to the cost of releasing new music, in the case of REGGIE STORM, new singles, and eventually with Your Support the full album ‘Walk the red Carpet’. That’s the point of this blog, It costs money to do all these things including the overall cost and time it takes to bring You, The REGGIE STORM “FANS” the music of REGGIE STORM “Walk the red Carpet” and that’s how the price of a cup of coffee works to change not only REGGIE STORM’S life, Your other Favorite Bands lives also, and Your own simply put, It will make You feel good supporting a Recording Artists, giving them the opportunity to focus more on the Music and less on the cost of bringing Their Music to You The “FANS”. Please Download Music / Support Recording Artists.

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